Top Three Pointers – Camping Tips That Everyone Needs To Know

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Always pack and carry a survival kit. Survival kits should contain waterproof matches, a survival knife, a first aid kit, a flare gun and water purifying tablets. You need this if you become lost or stranded; the items in your kit may save your life. Remember to take it everywhere you go when you’re away from your campsite.

When it comes to children, don’t hesitate to over-pack. Camping can be messy. Kids love the dirt. That all means that you will have very dirty children as the day progresses. Take extra clothing with you for your children. There is nothing like being prepared!

Pack carefully and wisely. Make a list of what you need, and check off items as you pack. That is essential if you are going far away to a remote site and unable to get first aid items and other necessary things.

While camping, do everything you can to be safe and cautious. In other words, stay away from wild animals, large or small. Even smaller animals such as squirrels can pose a danger. One thing you should never do is feed a bear if you see one, even though you probably would be too scared to approach one!

If you are camping in uncharted territory, make sure that you understand potential dangers lurking there. This involves finding out which spiders are dangerous, whether flash floods are commonplace and whether there are any sheer drops nearby. Every camping trip has different dangers. Always bring lots of sunscreen. You must stay protected from the sun’s rays. Be sure the sunscreen gives your skin enough protection. Ideally, look for a type of sunscreen that will protect you from bugs. When you go camping, you won’t want to have a lot of chemicals on you.

Select your sleeping bag with the weather, season and location of your trip in mind. If you bring sub-zero sleeping bags with you in the dead of summer, you will probably sweat all night. If you are going to bring a light bag in the winter, you may end up freezing and having a miserable time. You might develop hypothermia. Remember safety around fires while camping. Learn how to handle fire safely. Create a safe fire ring. Do have buckets of water available in case it doesn’t go as planned. Get your fire under control quickly, and don’t ever leave it unattended. Ensure that you go to the bathroom downstream if applicable. If any of your business is handled upstream, it will likely end up contaminating your meal and ruining a good night. Answer the call of nature more than 100 yards from the campsite.

Remember that you, your possessions and your family members are inevitably going to get dirty. Setting the proper regulations in advance can help to combat this. Use your time in nature to enjoy the chance to be a little messy. When you’re home, you can be normal again. There are many ways to relax when it comes to camping. These include reading a novel, listening to music and enjoying nature itself. Lose yourself looking at the stars, and if you are familiar with the area, go walking on trails. This is very relaxing. Before camping, get some camping pillows. If you use your bedroom pillows, the humid weather will make them feel hot and sticky. The tend to absorb ambient moisture and grow mildew as well. Pillows designed for camping have a coating on them that does not all the moisture to be absorbed. Make sure that the sleeping bag you bring camping is right for the weather. You are going to be really hot and uncomfortable camping in the summertime if your sleeping bag is rated for sub-zero temperatures. On the other hand, bringing a lightweight sleeping bap for a winter trip can make you really uncomfortable the entire trip. Packing the wrong sleeping supplies is certainly uncomfortable, and it might even become dangerous.

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